NIYO MEP Engineering 

Our Offerings

HVAC System

HVAC system
  • Design of HVAC system with heat load calculations, equipment selection, etc.
  • Preparing of concept drawing, detailed drawings, Authority related documents, All as per ASHRAE standard 62.1.2013 and Local Authority requirements & guidelines.
  • Advise Clients/ Architects/ Interior Designers the best energy efficient design to suit their requirements.
  • Design of Fire & Safety Ventilation system as per Dubai civil defense authority requirements and international standards of codes & practices.
  • Preparing project specifications.

Water Supply System

Water supply system
  • Design of the Water supply system in line with local Authority and international regulations.
  • Estimating water demand calculations, preparing water supply design layouts.
  • Pipe sizing based on the flow demand calculations as per the loading units of sanitary ware.
  • Transfer / booster pump details as per calculations.
  • Planning location of underground water tank in coordination with Architects.
  • Preparing project specifications.
  • Preparing project concept reports.

Drainage System

Water supply system
  • Design of the Drainage system based on Architectural plans and in line with local Authority and international regulations.
  • Design of the relevant pipe size & placing the floor drain , rain outlet , catch basins etc.
  • Design consist connections of the floor drain to the waste stack & soil line to the soil or stack with provision of vent.
  • Detailed schematic for Drainage system.
  • Detailed design of riser connections to the FIC.
  • FIC connections to the manhole.

Fire Safety System

Fire safety system

Fire Fighting System

  • Complete design of Fire Fighting System as per NFPA and local civil defense regulations.
  • Estimation of water quantity for Fire Fighting system.
  • Fire Pump calculation.
  • Fire pump room details.

Fire Alarm System

Complete design of Fire Alarm System as per NFPA and local civil defense regulations.

Central Battery Emergency System

Complete design of Central Battery Emergency System as per NFPA and local civil defense regulations.

Electrical Systems

Electrical system

Lighting System

Lighting systems are based on Architectural design & lux levels to match the IEC standards.

Power System

Power system shall be in line with local authority regulations & building requirements.

Solar Consultants

Solar consultants

We provide the best solar designs for the projects. Thus, playing a crucial role in reducing carbon foot print along with energy consumption.

Project Management

Site Supervision

As a part of project management, we at NIYO initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria.
NIYO also offers third party review for existing / ongoing / completed projects to ensure work carried out as per regulation and quality.

Peer Review

We at NIYO undertake MEP design peer review and ensure that it benefits the client and the end user.

Revit MEP

Revit MEP

We have 12 Autodesk REVIT MEP certified professionals and Draftsmen. They are well versed with NBIMS-US V3. We can create models up to LOD-550 level. We can create any Mechanical or Electrical family with complete details available in product catalog.

Green Building Consultants

We at NIYO undertake MEP design as green construction and sustainable building.